Judge Larry Stauber honored for his military service at Twins Game

About Judge Stauber's Work on Court of Appeals

Serving as a judge on the Minnesota Court of Appeals is an honor, but also a very serious and difficult task.  I hear, review, and decide hundreds of complex appellate cases each year.  Each case requires nonpartisan neutrality in applying the law (statutes, common law and case precedent) to the particular facts presented. With over 30 years of a broad private law practice, including 28 years as a Public Defender, I have the experience needed of an appellate court judge.  My background also helps.  Four years working at U.S. Steel, teaching school, 4½ years of active duty in the U.S. Army as an airborne officer, 8 years as a Township Supervisor, plus many other professional and community activities have provided hard lessons and great experiences. Most importantly, I have the support of my wife of over 35 years, Cindy, and my daughters, Leah and Erin.  All are educators.  I am very proud of them. People ask, “how do I know a judge is competent or a good person.”   Asking those in my community is a good start.  I encourage you to ask the Duluth Bar Association, court personnel, lawyers, neighbors and anyone who knows me and my family.  To better understand and evaluate my work, read the opinions I have authored as an appellate judge. I was asked by the League of Women Voters to comment on “key challenges facing the courts,” and one of my responses was:

“…the judiciary is, for the first time, being threatened by political partisanship….This will weaken our historically independent judiciary.”

With my extensive legal experience, strong belief in nonpartisanship, and strong work ethic, I believe I have served the State of Minnesota well as an appellate court judge.  But I need your help to continue my service.  I need your vote on November 2nd. Thank you!
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